Maintenance Programs

Fujitec’s service excellence and total quality preventive maintenance program is available for nearly every elevator make and model. Fujitec's experienced technicians are highly trained on a wide variety of equipment, take pride in customer service and quickly respond to unexpected circumstances.

Fujitec offers the most reliable and efficient maintenance programs in the industry today for elevator, escalator and autowalk systems. Whether two stories or 200, Fujitec’s vertical transportation service and maintenance programs keeps your buildings functioning at peak performance. 

In addition, Fujitec’s technicians are given maximum hours for preventative maintenance. This results in fewer callbacks, a more reliable system and the owner’s complete satisfaction in knowing their investment is being maintained in this manner.


Fujitec’s maintenance programs:

  • Deliver the best long-term cost-savings
  • Assure intended equipment life
  • Guarantee safety and reliability
  • Eliminate downtime and unnecessary repairs
  • Promise proactive communication with the customer
  • Provide the most skilled Service Technicians in the industry
  • Require technicians to generate a Maintenance Task Checklist during every service call
  • Fujitec’s service technicians can always access the vital information you need with their real-time communications software
  • Enable you to log-in throughout the maintenance lifecycle with Fujitec’s unique Vision™ Software & Customer Portal
  • The Field Engineering Group provides a national network of highly-skilled service technicians who receive ongoing training on the latest maintenance procedures for all major vertical transportation system brands
  • Utilize custom Remote Monitoring software
  • Offer one of the largest Service Parts Networks in the industry
  • Constantly provide hands-on training and troubleshooting to the office and field technicians through Fujitec’s experienced and highly-skilled Operations Support Group